The environment of business

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The environment of business

It operates in a certain environment. The correlation between business and its environment, both micro and macro, is crucial in determining its success on the market.

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Therefore, the business environment in short represents a sum of internal and external factors that influence a business. This complex and dynamic nature certainly has a very significant impact on the business perspective. The internal business environment comprises factors within the organization itself.

External Business Environment Clearly, one of the most critical external business factors is competition. But, other complex factors which should not be disregarded include socio-economic, legal or ethical, political and technological factors. This environment has its legal, tax, judicial system, labor law, revenue administration etc.

Business and regulatory environment is of the utmost importance for investors, when considering their decision to invest in Montenegro.

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To this end, key factors for investors, but also for local businesses for realizing their activities and The environment of business their goals, can be summarized into: Predictability Transparency Predictability is the basis on which businesses make their long-term plans and strategies.

It is not to be expected that sudden and rapid regulatory and policy changes will leave no consequences for businesses. Transparency, on the other hand, means that all stakeholders affected by the regulatory decisions must be familiar with the planned regulatory changes.

A step forward would be to include these stakeholders in the process of decision-making. The key point is: Laws must be harmonized with international standards and their implementation should be non-partisan.

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The changes and amendments to the laws should be strategically planed and transparent in their execution. In Montenegro, a lot has been done in the term of improving business environment from A more detailed picture about the business climate in Montenegro can be seen through the standard business operation risks which encompass: The risk of general conditions of business operations measured by the Index of Economic Freedom — Economic freedom has reached its peak in Montenegro in the Index.

Noticeable improvements have been registered in seven of the ten economic freedoms, especially the investment freedom and the control of government spending.

The risk of transparency of procedures and corruption measured by the Index of Transparency — Montenegro is ranked as 76st out of total countries by the Corruption Perception Index for The risk of intellectual property protection measured by the Global Competitiveness Index — The issue of intellectual property protection is becoming a very important factor in decision-making for foreign investors.

According to this Index, Montenegro is ranked as 73rd country in the world, with a total score of 3,7 out of 7 points. These improvements obviously correlate with an increased number of foreign investments in Montenegro in the recent period.

But still, there is more work to be done. In that sense, AmCham Montenegro has identified the most important business challenges in its latest Business Climate Report forwhich will be a matter of discussion with the Prime Minister of Montenegro in the nearest future.

This Report represent a survey conducted every two year amongst AmCham members, in order to determine what are the biggest challenges investors and local companies face in doing business in Montenegro. Therefore, the document represents a valuable source of information to all potential investors in Montenegro.

Likewise, the aforementioned discussion with the Prime Minister about the business challenges in Montenegro will represent a great example of what AmCham advocates for: AmCham believes that only by collaborating with the Government and other stakeholders we can achieve our common goal: Leave a Reply You must be logged in to post a comment.(a) Business environment is the sum total of all factors external to the business firm and that greatly influence their functioning.

(b) It covers factors and forces like customers, competitors, suppliers, government, and. Business is affected by different factors which collectively form the business environment. These include economic, social, legal, technological and political factors.

Business environment is therefore, the total of all external forces, which affect the organization and the business operations (Kotler &Armstrong ). Internal environment includes all those factors which influence business and which are present within the business itself.

These factors are usually under the control of business. The study of internal factors is really important for the study of internal environment.

The environment of business

These factors are: (i. Your business depends on and affects the environment in many ways. Being environmentally friendly can save you money, give you good publicity and even attract new customers.

There are many ways that you can help protect the environment while reducing your own costs. The Business & Environment Initiative Inspiring innovation at the intersection of business and the environment.

environment – business relations Business is the product of the technological, political-legal, economic, social – cultural, global and natural factors amidst which it functions.

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