Precise essay writing

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Precise essay writing

To do so, Precise essay writing must define the purpose of the work clearly. That is why it is important to choose an original text which aims to teach the reader instead of simply providing some information. The key phrase in this passage would be "in order to.

The target audience predetermines a lot of critical factors: Sometimes you may also explain how the author interacts with his readers.

What is a Précis?

Try to understand whether he is successful with accomplishing his goals. Analysis of these works will help you better understand the concept of this task. In general, there are several steps one should take to be ready for writing a precis.

How to Write a Precis: General Writing Hints Choose a work which you can both summarize and analyze effectively, but remember that the best sources to consider are journal articles, books, and newspaper articles.

Here are the keys to choosing the best research paper topic. Read the original text attentively to review all unclear points with the help of online sources or dictionaries. You should re-read the original text many times as you need to comprehend it fully.

Write down key phrases and sentences that you think are especially important. Take notes and highlight the key moments of the original text to create a precis outline. An outline points out a structure of any essay in a clear and organized manner.

In introduction section, mention what the thesis of your reading is and include information about the author, reading, etc. With the help of notes and prepared outline, compress each precis paragraph or a logically connected block of text into one or two sentences to keep your summary very short.

Keep in mind your goal is to explain what the author's writing purpose is and how he achieves it. Make sure you don't express your subjective point of view in the body of your critical precis.

Precise essay writing

Bind these sentences in a way which will mirror the original work. The effective conclusion has two purposes: In other words, motive people to continue research on the given problem.

All connections should be logical and the original tone and meaning must be reflected in your writing. Examples of Critical Precis Format Precis essay example needs to be in front of you. Here is an example of how a precis of a long, expressive sentence can look this way: The account the witness gave of the incident moved everyone who heard it to laughter.

The witness's story was absurd.

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Laura made a terrible, terrible mistake when she took David's letter from him, and Henry had to despise her with all his heart because of all the problems she brought to his family; yet, his heart was still pounding faster every time he saw her or even heard her name, which was the best evidence of his great devotion and love.

Although Henry was angry with Laura, he was still in love with her. The biggest lie told by weight-loss gurus: You can cut calories without feeling hungry. You always feel hungry when you cut calories.

A sentence or a paragraph can contain several details; you goal is to decide whether they are new and important for the plot or they have already been mentioned. You should only pay attention to those points that are crucial. Metaphors, allusions, and other literary expressive means can be easily omitted because their primary purpose is to add emotions to the story.


All these tropes are not important for the plotline itself - their mission is to make the scene bright and vivid and influence readers' imagination. Having problems with arguments?How to Write a Critical Precis in Several Simple Steps We'll give you a clue: professional academic authors can write an essay of any type, including precis, in a very short period of time.

The process starts once you make an order on the expert writers' site. In the end, all customers get every page written according to their instructions! When you are writing a precis, you must make it short, precise and one must stick to the theme.

Let us understand the same with help of a sample. This will give you a clear idea.

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how to write clearly: using precise and concise language A writer's job is to create meaning for readers. Expository writers in particular are responsible for clearly spelling out the relationships between ideas and for leading readers convincingly to a .

What is a precis? A précis is a miniature version of an article, an essay, paper, or any other kind of original text which retains the author's ideas and the writing.

What is a precis? A précis is a miniature version of an article, an essay, paper, or any other kind of original text which retains the author's ideas and the writing's tone and mood.

In essay one can express an opinion in any desired form, good précis must exclude unnecessary details and descriptions to be precise. State the purpose of the research or piece of writing (why was it important to conduct this research or write on this topic?) Don'ts in a précis: Do not express your own opinion, wish, remark or criticism.

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