Multimedia business presentations in china

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Multimedia business presentations in china

Nevertheless, it is a very telling sign that Gehry, someone who in the past could be highly selective of his clients, is looking to Asia to keep his office busy.

In the Bloomberg article, Gehry is candid about his desire to work domestically in the U. So aside from returning to graduate school, designing furniture or leaving the profession completely, most architects in the U.

China is by far the largest of these emerging markets for new buildings. Most of the very large, international corporate firms already have a foothold into the market, and with their wider resources, many have already established locally staffed offices in Beijing and Shanghai.

One of the greatest misconceptions about doing work in China is that it is one great big tabula rasa for trying out wild new architectural ideas.

Surely this is the case for a select few, but if your name is not Zaha Hadid, Steven Holl or Rem Koolhaas, you can forget about China being an ideal playground for realizing this kind of fantasy.

The reality is much more stark and the competition for work increasingly fierce. The competition these days is not only between foreign architects operating in China, but also with domestic Chinese architects who are quickly learning and moving up the value chain in terms of design ability.

With that said, China remains a bright spot in the global economy for urban growth and there is still ample opportunity for the courageous and ambitious.

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Below is a list of ten recommendations to architects looking to do work in China: Make sure that your client is able and willing to pay for your work. Insist on being paid up-front, if possible, and never agree to do any unpaid work.

Too many architects jump into the China market only to quickly find themselves caught up in situations where they are not appropriately compensated for their work. Given the current lack of new work in the developed world, property developers in China know that they have the upper hand when it comes to soliciting services from experienced Western architects and will use this fact to undercut design fees.

Your work, especially at the beginning stages, should reflect this. Another reason might be that a developer is trying to win a land bid and wants to show that they can build something cutting-edge to gain an advantage. The Western idea of progressing projects step-by-step, proceeding from the abstract and general to the detailed solution, is on the whole alien to China.

Expect to be asked to do everything at once, right now. Even if your design will never be built, you are nonetheless expected to deliver detailed designs right from the start. Instead, it will be more of a stop-and-go process, as the client will often need some time for internal discussions or for negotiations with the government, during which the project will grind to a halt, sometimes for months.

multimedia business presentations in china

Planning bureaucracy exists in China just as it does in the West, just in different form. In the West, the transparent nature of the planning process ensures that stakeholders have a clear idea of the various issues to be worked out.

In China, the big decisions happen behind closed doors. So expect to modify, adjust or completely change your design over and over without clear explanations as to the reasons why. Moreover, expect this to happen with very short notice and to short deadlines. Understand that the initial schedule agreed with your client is for guidance only.

Any deadlines, meeting times, presentation times, etc.

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This relates to 3 in that clients expect you to cater to their whims, regardless if you have other things scheduled for your day. There were several instances in one of the firms I worked where clients showed up at the office unannounced expecting to hold impromptu meetings. Be aware that Chinese developers like to keep their architects on their toes.

Meetings and presentations to high-level government leaders such as Mayors or Vice Mayors or real estate executives never take place at the agreed time. At the day of the presentation, expect the time to be changed frequently every half an hour or so until the meeting is cancelled altogether and then re-scheduled again for the same day, late at night.

Also be prepared to be contacted on Sunday night and asked to give a presentation for a new design option Monday morning.

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Use flashy 3D renderings and multimedia animations to sell your design. Try to show reasonably detailed master plans, detailed architectural design and detailed landscape design right from the start, as nobody will understand simple massing models or abstract diagrams.

Most of the time, Chinese developers and government officials lack the capacity to understand the artsy and abstract presentation drawings coveted by the architecture community. Rather, drawings should be as easily comprehensible and computer renderings should show substantial Photoshopped entourage complete with crowds of people, detailed landscaping, luxury cars, abundant storefront signage, and even fireworks, hot air balloons and blimps in the sky.

Your job as a foreign architect in China is to add prestige to a development and maybe a bit of experienced design insight. Understand that the Chinese are generally not interested in their own architectural legacy.

Trying to preserve existing old buildings will be an arduous and mostly futile undertaking.This section gives details about talks I have given lately.

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I generally upload my slides for my presentations to so there you get recent. Business strategy news articles for CEOs, corporate executives, and decision makers who influence international business management.

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