Ghost dances by christopher bruce essay

Ghost Dances came about as a result of a letter received by Christopher Bruce from a widow of a Chilean folk singer who had been murdered. He was asked to do a work for the Chilean Human Rights Committee and was given a lot of South American music with which he fell in love. This stirred him to be sympathetic towards the cause of the Committee who were against unnecessary killings taking place throughout their country.

Ghost dances by christopher bruce essay

GHOST DANCES by Annabelle Peach on Prezi

Hire Writer Each member of the group came up with ideas that we could put in, either that they thought up of themselves or that were influenced by the video. I brought to some ideas into conversation to. Our routine needed to be understandable and flowing and clearly set out, the audience needed to we wowed!

We had to use our knowledge of the different choreographic and put them into our routine.

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Simple plans of unison, canon and repetition appear in the dance to make it work well and also look superior. We took each lesson as it came as the dance had to be completed in a limited time. A range of different techniques were used, I though that moving around then stopping and being still and maybe just turn your head.

Stillness can make a great impact on the audience. We needed to think about our stage directions and placing through the routine and what kinds of movement we used movement of the body in a particular space and movement of the body through space.

Whether it was a spin into place our jolted walk. The Dynamics of the dance gave it its emotional impact. We tried to vary our moves-percussive, flowing, angular, smooth, jagged, hesitant, and confident.

What they do relates in some way to the rest of the dancers on the stage.

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We tried to put the devise unison into the dance; all the dancers work together, all doing the same thing at the same time. This is the sort of relationship, which we all naturally fell into, even though it is not always appropriate. The piece that was set we all did in unison; I thought that it is a very affective.

We also used different levels, when some were on the floor and then some bent then some one else was stood tall. As I have a disco dancing background I have got used to using a different variation of levels, so I gave the advise of what we could put in like high movements reaching upwards or leaping or jumpinglow crouched, sitting or lying or in the middle, which mostly where our dancing takes place.

The process in which we brought the dance together was. I also had to think of what the audience not just echoing the beat of the music! Did it all work well in our group? I found it very hard to work together in my group, I am used to lots of ideas flowing up and down, and no one was throwing any.

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So naturally I took the lead of just choreographing a routine myself and teaching the rest of the group it, but that that is not what the task was. The task was to work as a team and put in equally into the routine. I found it hard not having any ideas from anyone; I did understand though that the members of my group had not been taught at a dance school or took any dance lessons.

So I informed the teacher and it did sort things out for a few lessons, then it re-occurred so I decided just to get on with it, and improve on what I was doing.

I think also that it was that I was not in my friendship circle and had to get used to new people I was working with. But in the end we did work our routine out ok. How to cite this page Choose cite format:Nov 28,  · Ghost dance christopher bruce essay about myself.

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I thought ghost dances was a huge success performed at the city school on the Wednesday night. This was one of three nights and all the actors/actresses performed tremendously magnificent. The three works by Christopher Bruce that I have chosen to study are ‘ghost dancers’ and ‘swansong’ because of the political human rights issues that influenced them and ‘rooster’ because it was a contrast to the other two as its influence was the celebration of the Rolling Stones music.

Describe the costumes of the Ghost Dancers. The Ghost Dancers have skull-like masks and bodies painted to suggest bones and muscles. They wear wigs and rags.

Ghost dances by christopher bruce essay

6 of 18 Describe the costumes of The Dead in Ghost Dances. The Dead wear gender-specific, everyday clothes suggesting different walks of life.

Ghost dances by christopher bruce essay

"Bruce agrees that, on the evidence of Ghost Dances, Swansong, and Cruel Garden (about the death of Lorca at the hands of the Fascists in Spain), human rights themes have provided him with a strong source of inspiration.

He remains a passionate advocate for the role of dance and the arts in society and believes that seeing good work and the.

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